Many fans of entertainment have followed the high-profile relationships of superstar Jennifer Aniston throughout her career. Since her big break playing Rachel in the television show Friends, Aniston has remained one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Unfortunately, Aniston has been through several relationships that have sadly ended. It appears that Aniston’s latest marriage to another Hollywood star has come to an end.

Aniston would find herself in a few relationships before getting married to one of Hollywood’s most notable stars, Brad Pitt. Many felt that her marriage to Brad Pitt would last for decades. Unfortunately, Pitt and Aniston would become divorced. Since that divorce, Aniston would attempt to find a lasting relationship with other Hollywood stars including Gerard Butler, John Mayer, and Vince Vaughn.

Jennifer Aniston’s most recent relationship saw her going on to marry actor Justin Theroux. Theroux and Aniston were married in 2015 and many felt that this relationship would last a long time. Sadly, Aniston and Theroux have recently made a joint announcement that these two are separated. CNN reported that this announcement was quoted to say that the decision for the couple to separate was “mutual and lovingly made at the end of last year” and that they look forward to maintaining their “cherished friendship”.

To summarize, Hollywood couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have announced in a joint statement that they are officially separated. Aniston first became famous for her major role as Rachel on the 90s sitcom Friends. After this, Aniston would find herself starring in many other roles and trying to find true love where she found Justin Theroux. This couple was married in 2015 but are now parting ways, something the couple had already done but wanted to keep private until a public statement was made. The two actors have reported that both will continue to remain friends and that their separation was mutual.