The thrill of getting your driver’s license is quickly followed by the sting of getting your first car insurance bill. When it comes to coverage, most of us take what our insurance company has to offer, and most of us are probably still getting stung and paying too much.

Before you check with the lizard or the lady with big hair about switching insurance carriers, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure you aren’t paying too much regardless of who your insurance company is.

Most states require liability insurance which covers the cost of damage you do to another vehicle. In addition, most people get collision insurance which covers damage to your car from an accident, and many people opt for comprehensive coverage that insures against things like fires and floods. If you have an older car, skip the comprehensive coverage and save the money for repairs or a new vehicle/

Another way to save money is to get rid of the towing or roadside assistance plan. Instead, you can set aside money in a savings account you only access in an emergency such as a breakdown on the side of the road. Instead of paying monthly for towing services that you are likely to only use every few years, use your own insurance reserve and save.

If you are in the market for a car, insurance companies have lists of vehicles that they offer the best rates for. Safer, more reliable vehicles that are less likely to be stolen can be significantly cheaper to insure.

Finally, keep an eye on your credit and current credit score. When you add vehicles or services to a policy, your insurance premiums can be affected by your credit, and insurance companies often charge more to customers with lower credit scores.