Almost every single person in this person wants to get rich. The question is big and might have many answers, but there is really on receipe on “How to get rich” that really works. By studying many different rich people, we have made an receipe on how to get rich. We have not done any research on people that have been born into money, just people like you and me. People that have started from scratch and ended up with millions.

This is how you get rich:

In order to make millions, you have to learn. You do not need to be schoolsmart, but you need to learn to be good at something or smart about something. You can learn to be a great carpenter, a coder, journalist or seller. You need some kind of experience. Experience is a key to success. Experience is all about making mistakes and learning from them. You will actuallt not need any school in order to get rich, its the experience you need. There are many different ways of gaining experience, you can work for a company or you can even start your own company.

One thing that is for sure. Behind every rich woman or man, there is a list of failures. They actually need failures in order to succedd. Do not be afraid of failure, because you will learn from it.

You need to effetive, you only have 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day. If you want to get rich, you need to utilize every minute. We don´t say that you should use all your time on work, but you need to to find a balance.

Life is full of possebilities and chances, do not fear to take the chances and possibilities. You need to pursue them or at least explore them. You never know the results before you try. If you let them slip – the million dollar chance might slip as well.

Find something you like and be passionate about it. Don`t expect it to happen right away. Like we said in the beginning, in order to get rich…you need experience!

Remember that money does not make you happy – but it makes certain things easier. Do not follow the money – follow your love and gut feeling! It`s better to have someone to love then one million dollar in your bank account.