Do ladies like beards? It’s really a very subjective question, you should think. In fact, a lot of research has been done on the beard and the effect on women.

The fact that someone researchers this may seem quite wild to many, but beard has been an important cultural symbol ever since the first people put their feet on the ground. In all cultures, beards have different meaning and symbolism. It is actually done over a dozen studies on this particular issue.

When we started reading these studies, we can only say that we were surprised. Many independent studies have been conducted, all of which carry some common features. Ladies really like beards, but it would be wrong for us to stop there without explaining.

  1. The vast majority of ladies like men with a little beard, typically 2-3 days without shaving. Then the question is whether you can call this beard at all.
    Men with a lot of beard symbolize security and faithfulness.
  2. If you have a lot of beard, it signals that you are either in a long-term relationship or that you are looking for one.
  3. Men with a lot of beard are in many cultures a symbol of fertility. Surveys also show that men with a lot of beard have on average more children than men without beard or no beard.
  4. There are also women who does not like beards at all.The vast majority is in some way attracted to men with beards

The conclusion we make of all this is that if you grow a beard, you will probably have a slightly better chance with the ladies. The only problem comes if you like a girl who is under category 4? We would at least give the beard a try, if you have problems with getting acceptance from the ladies.

This article is based on an article from the acknowledged and trusted Norwegian beard-site