Whether you’ve been married for one year or ten, you probably understand that marriage isn’t always easy. From dealing with finances, kids, assets, and more, balancing everything and staying happy can be challenging. But while most marriages are able to see these kinds of struggles and work through them, some marriages fail to leap over these hurdles.

However, knowing that it’s time to split can also be a very difficult mountain to climb. In order to know if you’re involved in a loveless marriage, it’s best to understand some red flags. Keep reading to learn some of the possible red flags that may indicate your relationship isn’t going anywhere good.

They constantly get on your nerves.

Does your partner constantly irritate you? Do you always find yourself annoyed when talking or even looking at them? If that’s the case, then it may be an indication of a much bigger problem. While it’s normal to get annoyed from time to time, there may be a larger issue if it happens every day.

One of you has cheated.

This one seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at the number of people that stay in a relationship after their partner cheated on them. And while many couples have been through infidelity and came out just fine, it is still a major red flag that you shouldn’t brush off.

You’re dreaming about divorce.

If divorce is on your mind and it feels like a better alternative to marriage, then your relationship may have possibly run its course. Marriage can be extremely difficult and you may feel pretty doubtful at times, but dreaming about divorce is definitely a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

The fun is totally gone.

Remember when you two first met and fireworks went off every time you saw each other? While it’s completely normal to not see that “spark” that you saw in the early days of your relationship, you two should still have fun together. If you two no longer enjoy each other’s company and hanging out together feels like a drag, then this is another red flag you should consider.

You don’t make any plans.

In a happy marriage, the couple typically enjoys planning their next trip or where they see themselves, together, in five or ten years. But if you guys never really talk about the future and making these plans isn’t a reality, then that could be a serious red flag. Let’s face it, a marriage without a future isn’t really a great marriage.

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