Bookbugs and Tales Bookshop, which is located in the United Kingdom, was recently saved financially thanks to a large donation that was given by actor Russell Crowe

The British cost-of-living crisis has been taking a toll on the British economy. And bookstores have been suffering as a result.

Leanne Fridd, who is the owner of the business, and her husband Dan created a Crowdfunder campaign. One of the goals of the campaign is related to literacy. The owner wants to reach out more to children and help them with their literacy. The other goal is to be able to keep the business afloat.

Hours after the campaign was established, they heard the news. Suddenly, they had received an amount of more than 5,000 pounds. And it was given by “Gladiator” star Russell Crowe. Fridd and her husband Dan could not believe it. It was a very emotional day for the bookstore owners.

Independently-owned bookstores have been slowly disappearing. Actually, the romantic movie “You’ve Got Mail” perfectly portrayed the decline of the local bookstore.

But apart from dealing with corporate booksellers, Fridd and her husband Dan had to deal with COVID-19. They established Bookbugs and Tales Bookshop in 2009. And a global lockdown was on its way. The bookstore was able to survive the last difficult years. But the current economic situation in the United Kingdom has been bringing its consequences.

But generous people, those who have a passion for books, have made their difference. Fridd has received all kinds of donations. One individual, who had lost her home to a fire, donated 100 pounds.

The business owners are also confident that they were not pranked by a generous donor. Fridd has a mutual friend who knows the famous actor. Fridd and Dan have heard of Crowe’s personality. They have heard of his generosity. The owners of the bookstore also wonder if the actor would ever visit the store. It is something that they look forward to.