As a parent, your life is chaos. If you don`t have chaos, you are lying. Here you have 6 life hacks that will make your life better.
  1. Robot cleaners
Kids are not only time-consuming, but they are also very messy. In 2017 there is really no reason for you to use time on cleaning. The robots are taking over. Buy one vacuum robot and one cleaning robot, click here to find your new housemaid.
  1. Talking Tom
Let’s face it, we love our kids but even the best parent needs some time to finish your coffee or maybe just breath. Talking Tom is like a friend on your phone. Its free and it works 110 %. We recommend that you introduce Tom on an iPad, so your kids don`t steal your phone.
  1. PopCorn
Every kid loves popcorn, give them a bowl and you can relax for hours. The only drawback with popcorn is the mess. However, if you do have a vacuum robot, this should be no problem.
  1. Sandbox
If you have a garden or a yard, you would want some time to enjoy it. Kids have a tendency to not give you that opportunity. A sandbox filled with toys is just like an «Outdoor iPad»
  1. Pizza
Kids can really be a pain to feed proper food, but it is important that they eat healthily. Pizza is a perfect way to introduce vegetables to the kids. Make a healthy pizza and you will see that they will not fear vegetables or other healthy types of food. If you even let them help to make the pizza, your chances of them eating it are probably 40 % more.
  1. Star-system
Just as adults, kids like to get awards. The start-system is a way of rewarding them for good deeds. Buy a pack of star-stickers. Find a piece of paper where you write your kid(s) names on. Give them a star for helping you with with chores like going out with garbage, tidy the floor or other tasks. The important thing here is to not reward what to is to be expected from them, but reward the extras.