Fame is something that many people want in their life, but not many have. There have been numerous attempts by people, that have failed. But how do you get famous fast? We have listed 10 of the best routes to fame.

1. Be extremely good at something

If you are the best, then its pretty easy to get famous. You will just have to put your expertise out there and combine it with something compelling. With compelling, we mean style and charisma.A good example of this is the Norwegian chess player, Magnus Carlsen. Chess is not really a sexy sport (if you even can call it a sport). He went from being the geek to hitting the red carpets on New York Fashion Week. Nothing is impossible, just become the best in your field.

2. Get famous friends

This is a tricky one, but a really effective one. By surrounding yourself with celebrities, you will become an interesting object yourself. The difficult part is finding these exclusive friends. An interesting strategy that we found was to start with getting one famous friend, this friend will most likely introduce you to others. After a while, you will have a pretty good network of famous people that automatically will get you the access to fame.

3. Become a social influencer 

Instagram is made for people who want to make it. Over the past years, Instagram has made people famous and rich. The barrier to starting your insta-journey is also very low. All you need is a phone – the rest is up to your camera and eyes. Find out what people like on Instagram and post pictures of exactly what they like. To get the best result, you should post only your own pictures. Put the time and effort in making the pictures perfect. When you gain a certain amount of followers, you will have the ability to gain both fame and money.

4. Become a YouTuber

YouTube is just like the channel above – a perfect place to start your fame. This is basically a celebrity factory. Over the years, we have seen people like Casey Neistat, PewDewPie and Ricegum getting super famous by uploading videos to YouTube. Lately, there has been a lot of fuzz in the YouTube community, due to demonetization, but the channel is still a good place to start gain both fame and fortune. If you are really serious about YouTube, we advise you to use some time to go through the popular channels to see if there is a gap you can fill. If you choose to do the exact same thing as others, your chances of success are low. You can follow our own dedicated space to video blogger news here.

5. Go to castings for movies and commercials 

Movies are probably one of the most traditional ways to get famous. It`s really not an easy task but its most defiantly possible. Some of the people that we consider the most successful, did not have any experience before. Every day there are new castings and possibilities for those who wants to pursue a career in acting. Its, however, important to know that only a small fraction of all movies that are made, becomes popular. If you know that you are not an actor, then you can try commercials. Commercials have been a great springboard for actors such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Wesley Snipes and Farah Fawcett.

6. Reality shows

This is not a guaranteed way to get famous, but there are always a few that makes it every year. The important thing is to only sign up for shows that have a good reputation. You should act sincere, funny and appeal to the audience in an authentic way. If you get accepted into a reality show, you should do a few things.

1.Make sure you have an account on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

2. Make a blog – make it easy for press inquiries and others to contact you.

7. Talent shows

TV-shows such as X-Factor, American Idol, and The Voice can all be very good for getting you famous. The only thing is that you need some kind of talent or at least it makes it easier. Many people think that they have to be good at either dancing or singing to win. Since so many people think in that way, most people sing or dance. That makes it almost impossible for you to get the spotlight you need in order to be famous. Try to do something different from everyone else – even if you are singing or dancing, make it look special. You should also try to use experiences in your life – to have a great story with the act.

Another way of getting fame through talent shows is to really suck at it. If you are “the worst of the worst”, your chances for getting showcased during primetime on TV is getting higher.

Remember, in all talent shows on TV. Entertainment is much more important than actual talent.

8. Get your weeping story in the news

Every single newspaper in the world loves a weeping story. If you really want to get famous, this might be your road to fame. Maybe your dog died in a tragic way or you got kidnapped as a kid. Your story should be emotional, rare and a bit extraordinary. Your story must be true – journalists can smell a fake story from miles.

9. Get Rich

There is nothing money can´t buy (except love?). If you are rich then your chances of getting famous increases drastically.

10. Sex tape

This is really something that we do not recommend, but we have to mention it. One of the greatest celebrities of our times got her breakthrough with a sex tape. There are more sex tapes then there are celebrities, that tells us that this probably not the road to fame.