There is something crazy going on, you might have seen people walking around with a “thing” in their hands that is spinning?. “The thing” is called a fidget spinner. The fidget spinner was invented and patented by Cathrine A. Hettinger. Her patent just recently expired so many different manufacturers have started to create them. Since so many manufacturers produce them, they come in many different materials and designs.

The fidget spinner is known to be a great toy for people with stress and anxiety. Some even claim that the toy is especially good for kids with ADHD and other anxiety disorders, this is not scientifically documented.

The one thing all fidget spinners have in common is that they have a bearing in the middle.

How much does a fidget spinner cost?

Fidget spinners are in general very inexpensive, the price range from 3$ and all the way up to 100$. We would not recommend going for the cheapest ones because there might be quality issues. A fidget spinner is normally used quite a bit so you should avoid the cheapest one. Our personal experience is that fidget spinners around 15$ to 20$ is of good quality and easy to use.

Fidget spinners for kids vs adult

Kids and adults can use fidget spinners, but there are fidget spinners with designs that is made for kids and vice versa. If you are buying a fidget spinner for kids you might want to choose the ones that are made of plastic. For adults there are many different but very elegant designs to choose from.