Do you know anyone that have had cardiac arrest? If you do, then you know the level of insecurity that impacts the person who has had the cardiac arrest and the dependents. A Norwegian entrepreneur with the name Terje Tobiassen who suffered cardiac arrest 3 years ago decided to do something with that insecurity. Together with one of Scandinavia’s largest telecom Telia, he is launching the watch Contact.

Contact is a watch that is specially designed to alert the person that wears the watch about irregularities such as pulse, blood oxygen saturation, temperature and movement. Not only does this watch give warnings to the user, but the watch also has a micro-simcard. If something happens the watch will automatically call a guardian of your choice. The watch also tracks where you are, so if the alarm activates and you are unconscious they will know exactly where you are.

Just imagine how important this watch can be for so many people and how many lives this watch can save? The watch can also help the victims and dependents feeling more secure if it was to happen again.

The watch is coming for sale in April, in Norway. As for the price, we do not know how much. We do not know exactly when it will be available for everyone outside of Norway.