Light bulbs are in general not very exciting. Smart bulbs, on the other hand, are cool and exciting. With a push of a button on your phone – you can change color, intensity, and even motion. Smart bulbs have been around for some time, but the setup has been both pricey and complex, until now. The smart bulbs are really getting smart and really easy to set up. Over the next years, smart bulbs are probably going to be a must have for almost everyone.

The advantages of smart bulbs:

– You can turn them off easy

– You can save money on electricity with a time schedule

– Complete flexibility on color

– You can connect them with AI systems, such as Google Home and Amazon Echo

Which smart bulbs are best? Lifx vs Hue

On today’s market, there are really only two option Philips Hue or Lifx. They can all do the same thing, so which product is best? Actually – they are really similar but they do have some differences. Which one who is the best – it all depends on what your needs are. The price is about the same – from 50 to 60 USD.

Lifx has the best colors in our opinion and if you read other reviews, you will find the same conclusion. LifX is also by far, the most easy system to set up. All you need is to download an app and connect the bulb with your WiFI-network. When that is done – you have complete control of your lights. It`s basically just a plug-n-play setup. The LifX is also very intuitive and easy to use, you don´t need a manual to manage your lights.

If you need different types of bulbs and additonal functions such as a switch. LifX is probably not the right play for you. This will probably change in the near future, as they grow. As for now Hue is the one who offers vide specter of different bulbs.

Our take on these two – if you have a house or apartment with an “old” system. Go for LifX, they are easy to setup and you do not need anything else then a Wifi-network. If you are bulding a house and looking for a system with smart bulbs, Philips Hue is probably a more apropiate choice for you. With Hue you have a lot of advantages in a system – compared to Lifx.