If you are interested in gadget and technology in general, you have heard about Google Home. We have tested Google Home for about 3 months now, so is Google Home cool or not?

When we first got Google Home in our office, we were really hyped about it. So we did not only buy one, we bought 3 Google Home. We did not really know what to expect or even know what we were going to use it for.

The installation of the 3 Google Homes was really easy, almost too easy. In our office we also have Lifx bulbs, so that was the first thing we connected to the Google Home. We also use Spotify quite a bit in our office, so that was the second thing we connected.

That is almost where the story ends because that is basically what we have used the Google Homes for, lights and music. Of course, we have tried to talk with Google up to several times to have fun – but we are not really using it very actively for other things. The reason is quite simple – it is too complicated to have Google Home search for things on Google – it`s much more easy to just go on your phone.

Our conclusion is that Google Home is defiantly a cool piece of technology to try and even take part in. The possibilities for Google Home in the future is quite big, but for now Google Home is cool but not very practical.