Everyone needs a wifi connection – everywhere. A common problem is that your Wifi signal is not available in your whole house or apartment. So why is that and what can you do get the signal everywhere?

The reason that your signal is weak or non-existing in your house is most likely due to what kind of router you have, shape and size of your home.There also certain types of materials that can block your signal.

How to fix it? 

In order to get the signal throughout your house, you need to extend your signal. There are several ways of doing that – some inexpensive ones and some expensive ones. Our experience is that the inexpensive ones work – but not perfect. We have even tried more expensive solutions that did not either work.

If you really want to get great, connection everywhere in your house, you need to invest some money. If there was a good and cheap alternative for this problem we would recommend it, but we can´t really find one.

The best solution on today’s market is the Netgear Orbi. Netgear Orbi consists of two units, on mother-router and one satellite. This package cost about 349 $ on Amazon and will cover up to 5000 square feet of your house. If that is not enough then you can buy one more satellite. This solution will not only cover your whole house but deliver fast internet in your whole house.