It was the story that rocked Hollywood early on Tuesday morning—and no one would have ever expected it. Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were implicated in a scheme, among 50 others, that involved using fraudulent means to get their children into the colleges and universities they wanted to attend. All in all, 50 people were identified as participants in this outrageous scheme, which itself seemed like a movie in the making.

In some cases, parents like Huffman paid $15,000 to get their kids the SAT scores needed in order to attend universities such as Yale. In other cases, such as that involving Full House star Lori Loughlin, sports administrators were bribed to pretend that certain students were on their roster. For instance, Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade was placed on the crew roster at USC—even though it seems like she has no crew experience whatsoever. This, plus a $500,000 payment, secured her spot as a freshman student at the University of Southern California.

Immediately after the scheme was revealed, Loughlin was ordered to come back to the United States. She had been in Canada working on a project, but she returned back to the U.S. to face the music. Meanwhile, her daughter Olivia also left her own location. She’d been hanging out on the yacht of one of the USC trustees at the time, as she is a friend of his daughter’s. All in all, the unseemliness of the situation rocked Tinseltown. Jade regularly releases videos on her YouTube channel and the masses who were roiled by the scandal took to her YouTube page to express their displeasure about the situation.

The whole brouhaha seems to have struck a nerve with many, as all of the colleges these students cheated to get into hold highly coveted spots. There is only so much room in each freshman class. For every person who falsified records and SAT tests to get in, there is a student who was denied a spot that may have been rightfully theirs. It’s easy to see why so many people are up in arms about the entire affair. In Hollywood, the anger is so seething that the careers of Felicity Huffman, her husband William H. Macy, and Lori Loughlin are now up in the air. All of these actors were admired in their field, and now they face the pressure of the public court.