Katie Locke, an American who has lived in the United Kingdom for a decade, says that the British tabloids on the royal Sussex couple are brutal. She was speaking about ‘Megxit’ where Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to relinquish their duties as royals. Following the criticism that caused a stir in the British media, she added that British journalism in politics was more transparent than the American media. She recognized that British newspapers are either conservative or liberal, giving every reader an idea of the bias they are getting. She added that Americans tend to believe that their media is unbiased which is far from reality.
Locke said she noticed the blackface broach Princess Michael wore to meet Meghan that stirred up racism allegations. Saying that it was an example of racism, she added that another person from the palace called Prince Harry’s child a chimp. The American native who keenly analyses British news said Markel’s treatment by the media remains brutal though it wasn’t overly racist.
What concerns Locke the most is the fact that they treated Megan Markle differently than they did Kate Middleton. Speaking from an American point of view, she said one thing she has noticed about English people is that they love to criticize and at the same time love the parades, events, and glamour that comes with the royal family. She, however, supports Prince Harry and Meghan in their decision to distance themselves from the attention that comes with being a royal, adding that they can choose to do whatever they want.
British exchange students at the University of North Carolina Asheville, Georgia Forrest and Liv Pattimore, also gave their opinions on the matter. Forrest said that though the media was harsh to Markle, she knew her decisions would put her at the center of royal drama. She added that though we live in the 21st century where everyone has freedom, Meghan stepping down from her duties was a little too far.
Pattimore, on the other hand, believes that Meghan has all it takes to execute her duties as a Sussex royal. She said that Meghan had shown the world that she values moral standards by the numerous charities she has worked with. She added that she knows the British media to be ruthless and that it was not Markle’s intention to make them look bad. She also added that the British media doesn’t care whether it crosses personal boundaries.