Searchlight Pictures has put a pause on production of its “Being Mortal” after a complaint was filed in the prior week that claimed actor Bill Murray was acting inappropriate. It has since distributed a letter to the film’s cast and crew informing that the complaint was being investigated without going into the details of who or what was involved. The memo expressed that production did not seem wise to continue for the time being and thanked everyone involved for their efforts to make the film with a desire to resume.

Currently, it remains hazy as to whether or not Murray will be replaced as the film only started production at the tail-end of March 2022. Aziz Ansari wrote the script for the film which is being adapted from the eponymous nonfiction book. Ansari also serves as the film’s director and one of its actors, alongside Murray and Seth Rogan. Searchlight’s letter also clarified that it was working with Ansari and Youree Henley, Ansari’s production partner, to decide on the next course of action.

Murray, 71 years old, is known for the deadpan humor he cultivated through his time with Second City and Saturday Night Live. His performance helped catapult multiple ’80s films into iconic successes. Murray has also developed a distinct persona for mischief, showing up unannounced at parties, photobombing engagements and even tending bar at SXSW. Rather than rely upon an agent or a PR rep, Murray has a 1-800 number for getting new work.

Those whom have worked with Murray claim that he can be quite combative. More than one party can attest how much vitriol developed between Murray and Chevy Chase whenever they collaborated; the men have refused to speak with each other for over 20 years. Richard Dreyfuss, a co-star from “What About Bob?,” likened Murray to an intoxicated Irishman who once hucked an ashtray at his head during that production. Lucy Liu once shared a story from her time on the “Charlie’s Angel’s” reboot; she was berated by Murray for 20 minutes. Liu stood up for herself and Murray was replaced in the sequel.