For many years, people of all ages have been enjoying the wide variety of music that singer Linda Ronstadt has recorded. A current article on the Saving Country Music website tells of how the Tucson Music Hall in Tucson, Arizona, will soon be renamed in honor of Ms. Ronstadt.

A Tucson Native

Born and raised in Tucson, Linda Ronstadt has not only achieved success in the pop and rock genres, but she is also very accomplished in the country and mariachi music fields. Tucson Mayor Regina Romero described the singer as “a beloved daughter of Tucson” whose legacy should now be honored.

When she was growing up, Ronstadt had lots of exposure to mariachi music. At one point, she worked with a mariachi group, and recorded an album of mariachi music.

A Special Honor

On May 7, 2022, the renaming of the Tucson Music Hall will occur there while the International Mariachi Conference Espectacular is taking place. Ms. Ronstadt is expected appear in-person at the event, which will display the facility’s new sign bearing her name.

The 2,289-seat Tucson Music Hall was constructed in 1971, and is a National Register of Historic Places location.

A Return to Country Roots

While Linda Ronstadt’s pop and rock hits are very well-known, her first two albums and her early work with the Stone Poney’s band in the late 1960s had more of a country music vibe.

In 1987, Ronstadt once again embraced her country music background when the “Trio” album featuring Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton and herself was released. In 1999, the three artists released their second collaboration, titled “Trio II.”

In 2014, Linda Ronstadt became a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and for several years now, rumors have circulated that she was being considered as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Because of health issues, Linda Ronstadt is no longer performing in public, but she has spoken at a range of events. In a recent statement, Ronstadt said that her entire career was nurtured by the music she experienced while growing up in Tucson.