Nineties Nostalgia of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

There are certain projects that just seem to capture the imagination of Hollywood from their moment of conception. “Pam & Tommy” is one of them. Centering on “Baywatch” bombshell Anderson and Motley Crue drummer Lee, this Hulu series had the town buzzing during even the casting process. Eventually, Lily James would end up as Anderson, and Sebastian Stan would be cast in the role of Lee. Nick Offerman, Seth Rogen, and Taylor Schilling rounded out the cast in supporting roles.

A Question of Consent

In recent years, Hollywood has seen many women reclaim the narratives that have defined them for decades. This, of course, was how Monica Lewinsky ended up as a producer on “Impeachment: American Crime Story”. However, this was not the case with the new “Pam & Tommy” project. Star Lily James has voiced that she was disappointed Anderson chose not to take part, but it’s not difficult to see why. Because the project focuses on the videotape that would go on to define much of the bombshell actress’s life, it is easy to see how she might be retraumatized by this retelling of the events that led to her losing her privacy. However, the project has forged on without her support, leading many to pen think pieces about how something like this could happen in the age of the Me Too Movement.

A New Kind of Look

Of course, in Hollywood, people like to see the physical transformations of actors into their roles — and they have not been disappointed by this project. On the surface, Lily James does not really resemble Pamela Anderson at all. However, after four hours in hair and makeup every day, the British star is a dead ringer for the Canadian bombshell. The hair and makeup teams have used several hacks to achieve this look, notably making use of a forehead prosthetic and very thin eyebrows. It’s not surprising that the first photos of James in the role went viral. How the project chooses to focus upon tricky issues of consent, however, may end up becoming the bigger story these days.