Something tells me the police knew exactly what to look for when they pulled over renowned Country singer-songwriter Willie Nelson’s tour bus as it was passing through Texas in November 2010.

Officers reported smelling pot inside the bus after it was stopped at a routine checkpoint. After searching the bus, officers found almost two ounces of marijuana, according to The LA Times.

Nelson and two others were arrested during the stop and could have faced up to two years in prison. However, the judge showed leniency in the case, which closed on Wednesday. Nelson was offered a reduced charge in exchange for pleading no contest to ‘possession of drug paraphernalia,’ which is a misdemeanor in Texas.

If he does not commit any other crimes for 30 days, the charge will be dismissed completely. Nelson would have to pay a mere $500 fine, plus court costs of $280.

Personally, I was hoping to see him go to jail so I could watch a movie about a child helping Willie Nelson escape captivity— #FreeWillie.