The cast of ‘Jersey Shore’ have yet to wrap up filming in Florence, Italy for the fourth season and fans of the show already have an idea of what they’re in for.

After some oddly drama-free first few days in Florence, the drama finally ensued!

First, Ronnie and Mike “The Situation” got into a brutal fist fight, which was inferred when Ronnie was pictured with cut and bruised hands and “The Situation” donned a shiner or two on his “pretty” face.

Reports are also saying the tension was originally between Ronnie and Sammi “Sweetheart,” which shouldn’t surprise many fans of the show who have watched the two “lovebirds” bicker every episode in past seasons.

Not long after the fight between the two juiceheads, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi crashed into the back of an Italian police car, sending the two officers to the hospital with minor injuries. “Snooki” didn’t face any charges nor have her license revoked in America. Girl got off easy, again. Pays to be a guidette!

Sadly for “Snooki” though, her heart didn’t avoid a beating when her boyfriend Jionni LaValle paid her a visit, which didn’t go very well. Eventually, the two decided to break it off because of trust and distance issues.

Season four of Jersey Shore is looking to be one of the most dramatic yet despite the countless restrictions and regulations the officials of Florence put on the cast prior to their arrival.

The new Jersey Shore season will premiere August 4 on MTV and filming for season five will begin in June 2012 back at Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Fist pump, anyone?

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