No official news has come out regarding a sequel to the massively successful film Joker. Fans and the media do want to hear an update. Reporters, in particular, would love to break the news on the internet. Two sources are the best for accurate news: the director and the star. Director Todd Phillips has been forthcoming about informal talks regarding the sequel, but star Joaquin Phoenix has not gone on the record with any details. Recently, he did make a comment to the press. Phoenix told them, “This is old news.” The comment shows the actor has grown tired of being bombarded with the same question over and over again.

The question came backstage at a somewhat appropriate moment. Phoenix walked backstage after accepting the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama from the Golden Globes for, appropriately, Joker. An international reporter asked Phoenix about a possible sequel, and the response was honest. Phoenix mentioned that there’s nothing new to report, and he’s been giving the same answer for six months. Some may see the actor as being dismissive, but he truly has nothing more to say. A Joker sequel is not confirmed at present.

Phoenix is not likely intended to be flippant nor dismissive. He realizes both the industry and his fans await a decision — the tale of Arthur Fleck and the alternative universe version of the Joker connected with audiences tremendously. The film’s billion-dollar global box office take made it one of the most successful comic book-related movies of all-time. A sequel makes sense on every level.

Warner Bros. wants a sequel more than any other party. The studio sold off much of the sales/distribution rights, not thinking the $60 million film would top $200 worldwide. Warner Bros. did not have a contract in place for a sequel. Often, superhero films are multi-picture deals where actors must commit to possible sequels. Such was not the case with Joker.

Originally, director Todd Phillips pitched a new universe called “DC Black” that would tell re-imagined dark origins of DC Comics characters. Warner Bros. balked, and likely regrets the decision.

Phillips did stir some news recently by musing about a Batman film set in the ultra-realistic Joker universe. Who knows what will come of the suggestion.

Whether Joker 2 happens is anyone’s guess at this point. Fans of the Dark Knight mythos can look forward to another new re-imagining coming down the theatrical pike: The Batman with Robin Pattison.