Readers of Rosie O’Donnell‘s blog were more than a bit shocked to learn that the 50-year-old comedian and actress suffered what she describes as a heart attack last Tuesday, August 14th.

According to O’Donnell, last Tuesday she apparently saw a future version of herself as she went to help a woman struggling to get out of a parked car. Some time after the incident, she was feeling chest pains, soreness, and nausea. After reading up on the symptoms of a heart attack, O’Donnell took some Bayer aspirin after seeing a television commercial for it and survived.

The next day, she received several tests, revealing that she did indeed have a serious heart attack and was saved by her decision to take aspirin. You can read her entire description of the event (in poem form) here, via her aforementioned blog.

Sources indicate that O’Donnell is fine, but resting after the event.