Hayden Panettiere is raising eyebrows after brawling with her boyfriend in public. The “Heroes” actress and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Brian Hickerson, fought in the street with a group of people after arguing with them in the Sunset Marquis.

The incident took place on Thursday night. According to Panettiere’s representative, the actress and her boyfriend were dining at the Sunset Marquis when he called out a patron for leaving a bad tip. This reportedly angered the patron, who was with a large party. The group allegedly verbally and physically attacked Hickerson before bouncers pushed them all outside.

However, other sources allege that Hickerson spat on the other patrons while inside, which led to the manager kicking them all out.

Once they left the Sunset Marquis, a full-scale fight occurred. Onlookers recorded the entire incident with their phones. Hayden appears to initially stay out of the fray before wading in to intervene. At one point, she’s knocked to the ground, struck, and possibly kicked. She’s heard yelling what sounds like, “Brian! Jail!”

This might refer to Hickerson’s current legal troubles. The actor wannabe is on probation for prior violent acts against Panettiere. At one point, she held a restraining order against him after, in her words, he abused her on multiple occasions. She filed for the order after an incident in which he allegedly punched her in the face.

Hickerson pled no contest to two felony counts of violence toward a partner in 2021. He spent 13 days in jail for this incident. In addition, the judge sentenced him to four years of probation, a fee, and classes about domestic violence. Getting involved in a physical altercation could revoke his probation, leading to further jail time.

Security pulled Hickerson and Panettiere from the melee. The actress reportedly returned to the Sunset Marquis hotel and apologized for what had occurred. According to her rep, she’s fine.

A member of the hotel’s staff called the authorities. However, by the time deputies showed up to the scene, the fight had ended. The participants were gone. As yet, no one has filed a police report.