After Quentin Miller, the man who Meek Mill and OG Maco claimed ghostwrote all of Drake‘s songs, came out of the woodwork with an open letter declaring that he was never a ghostwriter for Drake, most people would be led to believe that the controversy was over.

Unfortunately, the most outspoken man in the rap game, Funkmaster Flex, is not going to let this one go.

Fresh off of dropping Drake’s reference track for his song “10 Bands” the legendary DJ has dropped multiple tweets threatening to expose Drake for a fraud by releasing even more reference tracks, including the one for his collaboration with Meek Mill, “R.I.C.O”.

Flex dropped the following ruthless tweets against Drake:

The expletive laden rant ultimately ended up raising even more questions. When is it that collaboration stops being creative expression, and instead ends up as a crutch?

All we know is this, Funk Flex is not pulling any punches when it comes to this controversy.