Kate Keltie, who played as Michelle Sully, was on the show “Neighbors.” She was the younger sister of Felicity, character which was played by the actress Holly Valance. Keltie was in the show from 1999 to 2004. She left the show in order to pursue a career in law.

The 36-year-old actress was recently told by her oncologist that she has stage 4 breast cancer. And unfortunately, the cancer is aggressive and has spread throughout her body. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, blood and bones.

Keltie’s friends and family members, after learning about the devastating news, created a GoFundMe campaign in order to raise funds for her upcoming expenses. Because of the nature of the ailments and treatments, Keltie will also not be able to work.

Chemotherapy, known for its debilitating effects, will compromise her former strength and vigor. The Australian actress was recently also dealing with COVID-19. Nonetheless, Keltie will soon go through chemotherapy.

And sadly, the upcoming physical changes that are coming are difficult to ignore. Her loved ones cannot overlook the fact that Keltie will lose her hair. She will also not be able to have children. And she does not have relatives that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

But the tragic news have spread around the world. And fans have not only donated money to her account, but they have written to her inspiring messages. And she has a lot of fans in the UK and Ireland. A British fan wrote about how much she loves Keltie and her character Michelle. An Irish fan wrote about the actress’ legacy.

Holy Valance, however, is one of her most prominent supporters. She even donated over $2,000. Her husband Nick Candy also donated money. The goal was to raise $25,000. And the goal was reached sooner than expected. Over $30,000 have been raised so far. The actress has expressed her gratitude to her loved ones and fans from around the world. According the Keltie, she feels more motivated and encouraged. And she is determined to go through chemotherapy.