Pop Icon Britney Spears began a 30-day inpatient stay at a mental health facility in early April. The reports at the time indicated Spears needed a little time for self-focus after caring so long for her father. The public was assured that nothing serious or dramatically wrong was going on with Spears and she only needed a break after watching her father fight colon cancer.

A group of fans who love Spears is no longer buying the story that was told to them. A group of protesters congregated outside of city hall in West Hollywood City to demand a release for Spears from the facility. The disgruntled fan believes Britney’s lead conservator, her father Jamie Spears, had her placed in the facility against her will.

A former manager of Spears, Sam Lutfi, offered his opinion on the photo of Spears taken during a break on Easter from the mental hospital. Lutfi says conservators of Spears now make all decisions concerning her finances and career. Lutfi also blames Jamie Spears for Spears current condition.

Lutfi says the photo was disturbing and Spears looked terrified. He urges protesters to ‘raise hell’ and told them to never stop fighting for Spears.

TMZ has offered some resistance to angry fans who feel foul play is at hand. The report from TMZ is that the conservatorship that governs the affairs of Spears does not have the authority to force a stay at a mental institution or have drugs prescribed for her.

TMZ sources also explain Jamie thought it was a bad idea for Spears to enter the facility. He did not want the media to learn about the development. Sources say it was Spears’ decision alone to check herself into the mental health facility.

The relationship between the singer and both her parents has been complicated for a number of years.

Lutfi recalls that when he met Spears in 2007, she was not on speaking terms with either of her parents, had fired multiple members of her team, and was fresh off a stint in rehab.

The conservatorship by Jamie was initiated in 2008 and one of his first moves was to terminate the working relationship between Lutfi and his daughter.

Britney’s mother, Lynne, mentioned Lufti in a book she wrote in 2008. She characterized Lutfi as a ‘predator’ and accused him of using drugs to control her daughter’s life.