Despite loosing his $25 million lawsuit against tabloid magazine, In Touch Weekly, for their story about David Beckham and a Bosnian hooker, Beckham has filed an appeal.

A Californian judge ruled in favor of the magazine who ran a story based on the statements of Irma Nici who claimed she slept with Beckham for $10,000 on various occasions. The judge stated that the story was not libelous because it was a public interest piece.

Beckham’s legal team has issued an appeal against the magazine’s ownership, Bauer Publishing, because they believe that the defendants, “did not produce critical documents or evidence related to its internet ‘research’ concerning Beckham. Notably, it never produced documents by which it claimed confirmed Beckham’s whereabouts during the time periods in question.”

Beckham’s legal news comes in light of recent speculation that the British soccer star may extend his U.S. stay by becoming a Major League Soccer franchise owner. Beckham released the news earlier this morning at a press conference in Los Angeles telling the press, “I have the option of owning a franchise and that excites me.”