Chrisley Knows Best reality stars Todd and Julie Chrisley are headed to prison. The married pair was convicted on charges of tax evasion and bank fraud in Atlanta after a three week long trial. They initially faced up to 30 years in prison.

During the sentencing phase, Todd Chrisley was sentenced to 12 years in prison, and his wife, Julie was sentenced to seven years. Each was also given 16 months of probation.

The Chrisley’s convictions stemmed from the couple exaggerating their net worth to fraudulently secure more than $30 in loans. They also committed tax fraud and hid their earnings from the IRS for over ten years. Their accountant was also convicted on a slew of charges, including wire fraud for filing false tax reports for the Chrisleys. (He received a sentence of three years.)

The Chrisley’s deny the charges and put all the blame on their accountant. In a statement from their lawyer, the Chrisley’s knew nothing about the false filing claims or government fraud.

Prosecutors were seeking 22 years in prison for Todd and 13 for his wife.

“The crimes committed by Todd and Julie Chrisley are very serious. They defrauded banks out of millions of dollars and hid a lot of the money from the IRS. And they did all of this while bragging about their wealth on television. Even worse, they obstructed justice by dragging family members into their schemes,” said the prosecutor.

The status of the Chrisley’s reality show is unclear at this point. However, a representative told Yahoo Entertainment that the shows filmed since their convictions would air. Another dating series that that was reported to premier on E! and featured Todd as host has been shelved since the news of the convictions.

Yahoo Entertainment is still awaiting comment from E! and USA