Australian singer and songwriter Colin Hay is best known for his work as front man from the 1980’s band Men at Work. For decades now, he’s been active as a solo act, and 2022 is promising to be a busy year for the singer from the Land Down Under.

New record

Colin Hay recently released an album of new material called “Now and Evermore”, and it is getting rave reviews. The title track is upbeat and positive, and Hay’s voice is immediately recognizable to anyone who listened to the radio in the 1980’s and heard it on the many hit Men at Work songs.

The lyrics on the album deal with positive and upbeat themes. Hay is clearly trying to send out a message of hope during the turbulent pandemic era. The sound is relaxed and acoustic, and there are occasional horns worked into the mix.

Beatles influence

Colin Hay explained that, as a young man growing up in Australia, the Beatles were an enormous influence on him. Therefore, he has made a conscious effort to make his new work sound like the Beatles.

The music on Hay’s record is both simple and complex. Some songs sound like simple tunes to be played by a rock band in a small pub. Others feature lush orchestration and tricky arrangements. In this respect, the record is very much like the Beatles because it has such a range of material, and so did the Fab Four back in the day.

Furthermore, Ringo Starr himself plays the drums on one of the tracks. Colin Hay has toured with Ringo Starr’s band in the past, so the two men already know each other. Hay uses the word “majesty” to describe the work of the Beatles.

Growing up in Australia

Colin Hay spent his teenage years living in Australia, and he has always been very proud of his Australian identity. In fact, Men at Work frequently referenced the country and its culture in its lyrics. The band remains one of the most recognized cultural symbols of Australia to this day.