Wendell and Wild is a sitcom that follows two best friends, Wendell and Wild, who enter the business world despite their background in music. The show stars Nia Long as Wendell, Aisha P. Abbott as Wild, and Judy Reyes as Amanda in the spirit of adventure. Wendell & Wild is a high-octane, action-packed show that explores the monumental changes in the natural world, from endangered species to climate change. As a riveting adventure series, it follows awe-inspiring high-altitude flying machines and the adventures of intrepid explorers.

It tells the daring story of Wendell & Wild’s journey to search for gold in California in this biopic directed by Cathy Yates. With an all-new team of actors, this drama features Wendell’s childhood best friend “Wild Bill” Barron and his family patriarch, who has a knack for rubbing people the wrong way.

This film is not for the faint of heart, nor those who aren’t interested in an epic journey. The film is set in the US and Canada, so it may be weird to see the cast speaking with a British accent. But once you get over that issue, this movie is excellent. It’s got something for everyone.

Pablo Lobato’s stunning and slightly unsettling inventions, whose features spring to life with a magnificent flare and energy in some of the film’s most personal sequences, contribute largely to the flick. They make Wendell & Wild’s visuals just as muscular as they are nimble.

Ross’ Kat and Bassett’s Sister Helley stand out mainly because their delicate, understated performances can break through the joke-filled tumult of the movie. Key and Peele both deliver more or less precisely what you’d expect from them as conniving, well-meaning ghouls from Hell.

Wendell & Wild, which recently came out, seems like a staple of the creepy Selick film canon that many of us grew up enjoying and will remain an integral part of the Halloween experience over the coming years.

Wendell & Wild also features James Hong, Seema Virdi, Tamara Smart, Michele Mariana, Ramona Young, and David Harewood. The movie premiers on Netflix on the 28th of October.