“Skam” is a TV-SHOW from Norway. Transelated to English, the name on the TV-show is Shame. “Skam” is a teen drama that revolves around the daily life of teenagers in a school in Oslo, Norway. “Skam” is written by Julie Andem and is produced by the government owned broadcaster NRK.

The show have had great success in Norway, despite bringing up controversial tabues like homosexuality, mental illness, religion, sex and rape. The show has been applauded by adults and teens. “Skam” is also spreading around the world and teens love the concept.

The unique thing about “Skam” is how the show is published. Every day a 2-5 minute clip is released and these makes on episode togetter. The characters also post pictues and updates on Instagram.

In January 2017, Simon Fuller announced that he had bought the rights to “SKAM” in the US. It has not been confirmed when the American version of “Skam”/”Shame” will premiere in the United States.