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‘True Blood’ fanatics are drooling over the recent releases of behind-the-scenes interviews with the sexy vampire, werewolf, fairy and human cast.

The creative team behind ‘True Blood’ are turning up the heat and raising heartbeats with the seductive and suggestive promo posters showing “Sookie” no longer in a love triangle but possible a love square?

More and more footage is being released as calendars are marked down for the premiere of fourth season of ‘True Blood’ on June 26. The first episode is titled “She’s Not There,” and snippets of it have been revealed on various blogs and fan sites.

With the promise of more sex, blood and mystery how can one not be enticed to watch an episode or two, especially with a good looking cast such as ‘True Blood’? Full of ethnicity, there’s a crush for pretty much anyone.

A stunning redheaded teen, a suave blue-eyed blonde foreigner, a mister tall dark and handsome, a built Abercrombie model boy next door, and a toned and tanned ass-kicking chick in charge. Can you say yum yum yum?

Even if you aren’t a fan of the story line, at least everyone is easy on the eyes… not so much on the heart though.