Ridley Scott has taken on a host of interesting projects over the past two years. The credits for Murder on the Orient Express, Alien: Covenant, and Blade Runner 2049 all display Scott as producer. Scott now brings his creative talents to the AMC channel with an upcoming 10-episode miniseries titled “The Terror.” A 20-second teaser trailer debuted. The brief preview truly is terrifying.

“The Terror” is a historical horror-survival drama that deals with a Royal Navy vessel that becomes shipwrecked. The craft doesn’t hit the beaches of a tropical island. This ship was traveling the Northern Passage. The icy waters led the ship astray to a frozen wasteland. Bad things do happen in the snow covered no man’s land. The teaser trailer reveals an eerie patch of snow covered in blood. One character mentions something to the effect of things being far worse than ever anticipated.

AMC has done well with horror programming as evidenced by The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and The Preacher. The horrifying elements of “The Terror” take AMC’s horror to a different dimension. Tales of humans descending into a more savage nature can be both horror films and melodramas. The events depicted in “The Terror” are based on actual events. While creative license surely went into crafting the events depicted in the mini-series, the program doesn’t focus on fantasy elements. The horrible things that play out as the mini-series unfolds show what human beings are capable of doing to one another when placed in tragic situations. Some rise to heroic levels. Others succumb to baser instincts.

As a mini-series, “The Terrors” harkens back to the days of “Rich Man, Poor Man” and “Shogun” in which intriguing self-contained stories played out over several broadcasts. Based on the preview teaser, the mini-series may prove to be an exceptional addition to AMC’s lineup and Ridley Scott’s resume.