One of the biggest hit shows of last year was “The Mandalorian” on the Disney+ streaming service. The breakout Baby Yoda character became a cultural phenomenon. The series was praised for its overall story, special effects and performance. It was announced that a second season was in development immediately after the first season ended. The second season is now totally done filming. Gina Carano was one of the stars of the first season. She will be back again for season two. To celebrate the wrap of season two, she posted a photo from the set on her Instagram account for the nearly one million followers to enjoy.

“The Mandalorian” is set to return in October. Disney has already said that their streaming service will be the home of several other shows that are based in the Star Wars universe. There will not be any more Star Wars movies made for a few years. The series follows the adventures of a bounty hunter who is tasked with protecting a small creature that is the same species as the popular Yoda character. The creature has amazing powers that nobody can really understand. As you might expect, there are evil forces who want to get their hands on the creature so they can use its powers for their own nefarious purposes.

Gina Carano is a former mixed martial arts fighter who decided to give acting a try. That turned out to be a very wise decision on her part. She has had a great deal of success in her acting career so far. However, “The Mandalorian” is the biggest and highest profile project that she has been a part of until now. She said that she enjoys the other actors that she works with on the series. She never expected the show to be as big of a hit as it became.

Disney+ attracted tens of millions of people to sign up for subscriptions when it launched a few months ago. Many of these people signed up solely because “The Mandalorian” was only available on the Disney+ streaming platform. However, the service has been criticized for not having enough adult programming. This is something that Disney is going to try to rectify to make it more attractive to older people. It remains to be seen what types of shows that Disney will come up with in order to keep adults interested in the future.