If you are into comedies, we have a great tip for you. HBO`s “Crashing” starring Pete Holmes is one of the funniest comedies we have ever seen and probably the best one that have premiered in 2017 so far.

In “Crashing”, Pete Holmes is playing himself as christian aspring but some what failing comedian. In “Crashing” you follow Pete Holmes through a divorce, his hustling for becoming a successfull comedian and being a good christian. In addition, several other comedy-super-stars appear in the series, such as TJ MILLER and Artie Lang.

Is “Crashing” based on Pete Holmes life? 

Many wonder if the TV-SERIES is actually based on Pete Holmes life. In interviews, Pete Holmes have confirmed that the series is in some ways inspired of his own experiences. He did come from a christian family, he did marry when he was 22 and was dumped when he was 28.

The series is obviously inspired by Pete Holmes early life, but also has some fiction to it.