One of the mos surprising hit shows in the industry was ‘Stranger Things’. Released on Netflix by the Duffer Bros, a pair of horror/sci-fi loving directors getting their first shot, ‘Stranger Things’ took the streaming world by storm. The show followed a group of kids as they sought to fight against powers out of this world in a universe that teemed with Stephen King-inspired goodness. Now we are looking at the second season of the show, aptly titled ‘Stranger Things 2’, for a return to that same universe. A few stars of the show, Natalie Dyer, Joe Keery and Dacre Montgomery, took the chance to open up about the second season of the show and it was revealed that their lovable story has only gotten bigger and deeper.

Natalie Dyer and Joe Keery starred in the first season of ‘Stranger Things’ as the unlikely couple, Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. Their romance was one of the central points of the show and one of the unlikely sources of some very real humor. Dacre Montgomery will be joining the ‘Stranger Things’ crew in the second season as the tough guy, Billy. All three actors had a ton to say about what to expect out of the new season. Keery and Dyer both point out that ‘Stranger Things 2’ is all about their characters starting to ‘understand’ and ‘cope’ with the very real world of the Upside Down and all of the dangers that they had run into during the first season of the show. Keery points out, “It’s not a repeat of the first season, which is important. I don’t really know how they do it.”

Dyer and Keery look to have even more of a centralized role in the second season of the hit show while the story continues to grow and expand around all of the other characters. There have only been a few details leaked for the story coming into the second season of ‘Stranger Things’ so to see that the actors are all so excited can only bode well for the quality of the show. What we do know is pretty simple: David Harbour is coming back as the gruff sheriff who knows more than he should. Fan-favorite supernatural hero, Eleven, has also decided to come back — but in what capacity and in what frame of mind? ‘Stranger Things 2’ arrives on Netflix at the end of October.