Things are shaping up with the new Stranger Things. Season three officially completed production. Filming ends, and post-production work begins.

Fans weren’t thrilled that season three of Netflix’s retro 1980’s sci-fi series Stranger Things experienced production delays. No one feared the series would suffer from cancellation. The program remains one of Netflix’s biggest hits. The somewhat erratic schedule of the streaming service doesn’t always lend to consistency. Broadcast and most cable television channels deliver programming on a date certain. Netflix can be more open-ended. For reasons unknown, Stranger Things season three wasn’t moved forward quickly.

Don’t look for the series to complete its edited and sound mixing in a rush fashion though. Season three won’t hit Netflix’s platform until the summer of 2019. According to, season three of Stranger Things appears to shape up in a manner no different from HBO’s final season of Game of Thrones. The desire to maintain a high level of quality contributed to pushing all the production phases forward.

Fan impatience is understandable. The millions of loyal viewers who enjoy the program don’t want to wait forever to see how things continue to play out in the mysterious sleepy Indiana town.

Loyal followers of a franchise also don’t like to experience disappointment. Seeing a brutal drop in quality in a new season destroys expectations and leads audiences to depart. AMC’s The Walking Dead entered television’s history books as an example of how to run off an audience. Netflix recently learned its streaming platform isn’t immune to audience disgust. Huge numbers of viewers ceased watching the platform’s Marvel Comics programs. Poor quality likely drove them away.

Several new characters debut in the third season. Reportedly, Stranger Things becomes more ambitious in its production and writing in the upcoming season. Progression is better than staleness. The producers of Stranger Things want the proceeding to remain fresh and exciting. The wait for season three likely will be worth it.