A Bittersweet Moment for One of the Show’s Most Beloved Comics

Alongside cast members Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon, comedian Pete Davidson took his final bow on “Saturday Night Live” — after a memorable debut eight years ago. In a show that is notorious for firing cast members at the drop of a hat, Davidson managed to hang on for almost a decade. Producer Lorne Michaels became somewhat of a father figure for the “King of Staten Island” actor, who lost his own father on 9/11. Davidson’s dad, a firefighter, has been a frequent topic for the comedian as he has grappled with grief over the past two decades.

Leaving the Show with a Legacy

When Davidson started out on the iconic weekend comedy show, he was just a 20-year-old standup comedian without much of a track record. Now, eight years later, he is leaving the show as a seasoned veteran. After learning the intricacies of sketch comedy, he went on to star in “The King of Staten Island”, a semi-autobiographical film about Davidson’s life in Staten Island. With Marissa Tomei starring as his mother, Davidson was praised for his nuanced and truthful performance.

The Sky Is the Limit

Although Davidson has become well-known for dating a bevy of famous women, his current relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian seems to have kicked his stardom into the stratosphere. Thanks to a public feud with Kardashian’s ex-husband Kanye West, Davidson’s name has been on everyone’s lips within the past year. What remains to be seen is what Davidson will do with his time after leaving the show that has meant so much to him over the past several years. Many are predicting that he may be able to parlay his popularity into a film career, but Davidson has not made any definitive statements as to how he wants to spend his time now.