You’ve heard of super-moms, but here comes Super-Dad, though he’s not quite as on top of things as that title would have you believe. Disney and Pixar have revealed a new TV spot for The Incredibles 2, and it looks like Bob “Mr. Incredible” Parr is having a bit of trouble adjusting to his new role as a stay-at-home dad.

The Incredibles came out way back in 2004, and focused on a family made up of two former superheroes and their similarly empowered children. Now, years later, is it finally getting a sequel, but while the first installment was about father Bob (Craig T. Nelson) trying to relive his glory days, this one will have his wife Helen (Holly Hunter) as the face of the movement to relegalize superheroes, while Bob stays at home and watches the kids.

In the TV spot, we get a montage of scenes showing how hard he has it. Surprisingly, we don’t see much of energetic speedster Dash (now voiced by Huck Milner, replacing Spencer Fox) giving him trouble, though we do see teenage Violet (Sarah Vowell), soaking wet for some reason, throw her sopping superhero costume against the wall. (“Is she having adolescence?” Dash asks through a mouthful of cereal.) The main problem, however is baby Jack-Jack.

As those who saw the original movie know (spoiler alert if you haven’t), Jack-Jack, initially thought to be powerless, actually has many superpowers, including bursting into flames, shooting lightning and at least limited powers of shapeshifting. At one point he suddenly transforms into a purple-skinned monster and leaps at Bob, biting his arm; while family friend Lucius/Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) is horrified, an exasperated Bob merely tries to dislodge him while scolding “No biting Daddy!” (Good thing he’s invulnerable.)

Through all of this we also see Bob talking with Helen on the phone, her saying how grateful she is for his help and him assuring her that everything is fine. We know from other previews that he really wants to handle things so that Helen can fulfill her own potential, and that at some point he will seek help from Edna Mode (director Brad Bird), the superhero tailor/mad scientist, in handling Jack-Jack. All this should provide some interesting growth for him, Helen and the kids.

Incredibles 2 will out on June 15, 2018.