There are many parallels between the lives of screen siren Elizabeth Taylor and troubled actress Lindsay Lohan, who is playing Taylor in an upcoming Lifetime movie.

A poster for Lifetime’s ‘Liz and Dick’ was unveiled last week. It made many not-so-subtle connections between Lohan and Taylor, listing them out in bold print; including the tag lines: controversial love affairs, diamonds, scandal, child star; to name a few.

Lifetime recently released a clip from a behind-the-scenes look at ‘Liz and Dick.’ The clip makes the connection between Lohan and Taylor even clearer.

“I’m a huge Elizabeth Taylor fan, and I relate to her on a lot of levels—living in the public eye, dealing with the stress of what other people say, whether it’s true or not,” Lohan says in the video. “I personally understand Liz because you’re living your life for everyone to see and people are growing with you. You get to a point where you become numb to it, and you just live your life in that way you feel you need to live it.”

Grant Bowler co-stars as Richard “Dick” Burton, Taylor’s on and off-screen love. He echoes Lohan’s connection with the iconic role.

“She’s pretty much Elizabeth Taylor reincarnated,” he says.

Lohan has been in the news recently more for her misbehavior and brushes with the law than her acting. Most recently, she was arrested after hitting a pedestrian with her car.

With her starring role in ‘Liz and Dick,’ Lohan is trying to remind the world that she was once a talented, young actress who was -and may still be- full of potential.

‘Liz and Dick’ premieres on Lifetime in November.

Watch a behind the scenes sneak peak at ‘Liz and Dick’: