Does Miley Cyrus have the acting chops to step into Faye Dunaway‘s iconic shoes and portray the female half of the bank-robbing duo in ‘Bonnie and Clyde?’

Cyrus is in talks to play the female lead in a four-hour ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ mini-series that will air on both the Lifetime and History networks.

The newly engaged starlet has been sporting an edgy new style and distancing herself from the ‘Hannah Montana’ role that made her a child star.

Coupled with a sexy guest-starring role on ‘Two and a Half Men’ and a Motown-inspired upcoming album, is Cyrus ready to take on the role of one of cinema’s greatest bad girls?

Hilary Duff was reportedly cast as Bonnie in a new film version of the story but the project appears to have been put on hold.

“So, if the movie ever gets made, I think I’m Bonnie… It’s been a long time coming. With these independent movies, sometimes they never get made or sometimes they take 10 years to get made,” Duff said last year.

“Smash” executive producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadan will produce the miniseries based on the real life criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde who became media sensations when they went on spree of bank robbery and murder in the 1930s.

There’s no word yet on who will co-star as Bonnie’s partner in the crime spree.

Faye Dunaway’s role as Bonnie in the original 1967 movie earned her an Oscar nod. Perhaps with this latest move Cyrus is hoping for an Emmy.

Check out the trailer from the original ‘Bonnie and Clyd’e starring Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty: