The White House

Michelle Obama will guest star in an episode of popular Nickelodeon series iCarly later this month.

The First Lady will star in a special episode titled ‘iMeet the First Lady’, due to air on January 16.

In the episode, Miranda Cosgrove‘s character Carly will be left disappointed after her father, Air Force Colonel Steven Shay, cannot make it home for her birthday. In an attempt to fix the situation, Carly’s friends call on the FLOTUS to try to bring him home for her birthday.

SNL Comedian Taran Killam will also appear in the episode as the First Lady’s personal secret service agent.

Sources close to the show say that Cosgrove is ‘greatly honored and very excited’ to work with the First Lady. Noah Munck, who plays Gibby in the show, is also said to be ‘really excited’ to work with Obama.

The First Lady is the latest in a long list of iCarly guest stars that includes David Archuleta, Jane Lynch, and Jack Black.

A number of military bases in the US will be treated to early screenings of the show. For everyone else, the episode will air Monday, January 16 at 8/7c.

Watch a preview of Michelle Obama’s appearance on iCarly below: