Moon Knight on Disney+ has been leaning heavily into Egyptian mythology. In addition to the titular hero being an avatar of the moon god Khonshu, the series also introduced the Ennead, a pantheon of Egyptian deities that includes Hathor and Osris, in last week’s episode. The most recent episode of the series, however, created an express link between the Egyptian pantheon, ancient history, and the established continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Episode four of Moon Knight, entitled “The Tomb,” saw Steven and Layla track the nefarious Arthur Harrow and his followers to the resting place of Ammit. After exploring the sanctuary, the two discovered that it was actually the tomb of Alexander the Great and surmised that the long dead king was the avatar of the deity.

The revelation that Alexander the Great was an avatar of Ammit hints at a major turning point in the MCU. In past episodes of the series, Ammit was shown to be a goddess of incredible power and ferocity. While responsible for meting out justice, Ammit took things to brutal levels, dealing out vengeance for crimes that have both already been committed and those that would take place in the future. Ammit’s cruelty so disturbed the other Egyptian gods that they chose to imprison her in a stone statue.

Moon Knight‘s choice to link the goddess with Alexander the Great also poses an interesting question of whether the Macedonian king might have been a superhero or villain in the franchise’s ancient history. Looking forward, many fans question if Alexander might be seen again in a future MCU film or television series. While this might sound farfetched, the franchise does have a record of incorporating historical events into its larger storyline. 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, for example, took place in World War II and saw much of its action around Cap fighting HYDRA, a secret organization of Nazi scientists. Additionally, last year’s Eternals revealed that super-powered individuals had been present for most of human history.

With only two episodes left, Moon Knight will conclude its first season on May 4.