“Jersey Shore” was one of the biggest hit reality shows when it aired on MTV from 2009 to 2012. There was a point where more than eight million people each week would tune in to see what the seven crazy people from New Jersey were up to. The show had its fair share of controversy during its original run. There were many people in the media who complained that the men on the show objectified women. There was also a large segment of the public who believed the show put Italian people in a bad light. However, these controversies did not stop the show from generating ratings the likes of which MTV had never seen before.

The show was recently resurrected in a reboot titled “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.” The new series sees the gang reunited in Miami. A lot has happened to the various cast members since the original series ended six years ago. Three of the cast members got married and had children. The new series follows the formula of the original when it comes to showing the cast drinking and parting on a regular basis. However, the men in the cast are noticeably more reserved when it comes to looking for women. This is because they are all currently in committed relationships.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation” got off to a great start when it premiered on April 5. It attracted a total of 2.5 million viewers. This is a far cry from what the original series attracted back in its heyday. However, it is the biggest premiere for a reality show on MTV in six years. Therefore, the network is overjoyed with these numbers. The real challenge will be to maintain these numbers over the course of the season. Premiere episodes of TV series usually get higher ratings than later episodes.

The reboot of “Jersey Shore” follows a recent trend of TV Networks bringing back older shows that were a success during their original run. “Roseanne,” “The X-Files,” and “Will & Grace” have all had successful revivals. This shows that the public still has a craving for classic series from years gone by. It will not be surprising to see this trend continue since the ratings for these reboots have been rather impressive. It is likely that MTV will renew “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” for a second season if the ratings continue to be strong for the remainder of this season.