James Brolin is set to join the cast of NBC comedy ‘Community’ in the show’s fourth season.

The celebrated actor, producer, and husband of Barbra Streisand will appear as Jeff’s (Joel McHale) father William Winger in the series.

McHale hinted at Brolin’s part in the show yesterday after posting a few few photos of the two together on his Twitter page.

During the show’s first three seasons, the subject of Jeff’s father had been a touchy one. Several episodes referenced the spotty relationship the two had together, making Brolin’s character out to be something of a dead-beat father.

Brolin joins several new cast members to the show, including Malcolm McDowell, who will play a history professor throughout the new season.

The critically acclaimed show has been facing an uphill battle to stay on the air, which intensified when the show’s creator Dan Harmon was surprisingly axed from the production several months ago. After it’s premiere in 2009, viewership had appeared steady. However, those figures began to quickly fall. Last season the show was averaging a dismal 4 million viewers.

With a makeover for NBC’s Thursday schedule, the network decided to move the show to Fridays.

The fourth season of ‘Community’ will begin Friday, October 19 at 8:30 p.m on NBC.