The most popular TV show around the world over the past decade has been the HBO drama called “Game of Thrones.” It is based on the novels that were written by George R.R. Martin that have sold tens of millions of copies around the world. The show returned to HBO after a layoff of two years. The long delay was needed in order to produce the massive amount of special effects that were required for the various battles in the eighth and final season. There was a great deal of controversy about how the beloved show ended. Many people were not pleased with the writing. However, the final season pulled in huge ratings.

“Game of Thrones” was honored at the Emmy Awards on Sunday with several of the most prestigious awards that were given out. First and foremost, the show won the award for Best Drama Series. This is the highest honor that a drama can win. It speaks volumes about the high level of storytelling that is present in every episode of the show. The fans were overwhelmingly against many of the deaths that occurred in the final season. The stories of many episodes leaked before the episodes actually aired. These spoilers sent many people into a rage. However, that did not stop the Emmy Awards for honoring the show.

Peter Dinklage was also once again honored with the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama. He had previously won this award for playing the scheming Tyrion Lannister. He was commonly chosen as the most popular character on the show. Therefore, it was not a surprise to see Dinklage walk away with another Emmy trophy for his brilliant performance. His performance was always praised by critics and fans alike. He called it the role of a lifetime. He thanked George R.R. Martin for giving him the chance to play such a demanding role.

The big Emmy wins for “Game of Thrones” add to the show’s amazing legacy. There is no question that the show will be regarded as a classic many years from now. It had flaws like any other show. However, few shows have received the combination of huge ratings and prestigious awards like this one has. HBO has already announced that they will be making some prequel shows that are set in the “Game of Thrones” universe. However, they have been very tight-lipped about the plots of these shows.