For many years, the FOX television network has been airing an assortment of animated situation comedy programs on Sunday evenings. According to a current article on the Slash Film website, the network has a new, animated sitcom lined up for Sundays during the 2019-2020 season.

Created by noted writer and producer Emily Spivey, Bless the Harts is primarily aimed at an adult audience, similar to the existing Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers programs. The show will be co-executive produced by Ms. Spivey and the famous production team of Chris Miller and Phil Lord.

An interesting point brought up in the Slash Film article is that Bless the Harts will be loosely connected with the classic animated sitcom King of the Hill.

As with King of the Hill, Bless the Harts centers around a family unit consisting of a father, mother, son and daughter. While King of the Hill was set in Texas, Bless the Harts takes place in North Carolina. The lead characters on the show are Wayne and Betty Hart, and their children Randy and Violet.

Emily Spivey grew up in North Carolina, and the animated Hart family members are based upon her own family, and other North Carolinians.

Although promotional animation from Bless the Harts has not been released yet, Ms. Spivey says that the animation is natural and folksy, like King of the Hill.

Being a fan of King of the Hill, Emily Spivey approached the show’s creator Mike Judge about having her Hart characters being regular shoppers at King of the Hill’s fictitious Mega Lo Mart retail store. Mr. Judge was receptive to the idea, so viewers will be able to once again see the store where Hank, Peggy and Bobby Hill did much of their shopping.

The title of this upcoming series is inspired by the phrase “bless your heart,” which can be used sincerely or somewhat sarcastically. Emily Spivey says she likes the double meaning of the phrase, and that the show can also go in either of those directions.