Reports indicate that Beverly Hills Cop series star Eddie Murphy has teamed up with The Shield creator Shawn Ryan to bring the 80’s hit movie series to television.

The pair are said to be working with Sony Pictures, and have already started the process of pitching the show to networks, according to Vulture.

Murphy, who had previously tried working on a fourth film in the series, had apparently not been satisfied with the script for the film according to an interview with Rolling Stone. Murphy and the show’s other creators are looking to make Alex Foley’s son the central figure of the show.

The show will apparently be a one-hour crime drama/comedy. Murphy would appear in the show’s pilot, and then again throughout the series.

No word has been released of who would play counterpart to Foley’s son, considering the show is being sold as a “buddy cop” drama. The counterpart would likely be in the mold of Judge Reinhold, who appeared in the each of the three movies as Murphy’s partner.

Watch a selection of the ‘funniest scenes’ from Beverley Hills Cop below: