Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wife Denise Richards has chosen not to appear on the next series premiere of ‘Two and a Half Men’ despite show producers requests for her to do so, according to TMZ.

Since Charlie Sheen‘s departure from the show, creator Chuck Lorre and his writing team have been putting together a story line that will ensure Sheen will not be able to return to the show. To do that, Sheen’s character Charlie Harper will be killed off in the season premiere.

While a number of Sheen’s other ex-girlfriends will be in attendance at his ‘funeral,’ Richards will not be one of the beautiful ladies in black. Richards guest starred on her ex-husband’s show back in 2003 as Lisa, Sheen’s “favorite” ex-girlfriend.

It hasn’t been said if the writers will address her absence or not, but sources close to the show expect Lorre to find some way to twist the knife by making a few “less than eloquent” comments aimed at Sheen.

Season 9 of ‘Two and a Half Men” will air September 19, 2011 on CBS.