Rappers T.I. and Cardi B will appear on the upcoming Netflix competition show “Rhythm + Flow.” The series will feature the two artists as part of a panel of judges looking for the next star in hip-hop in four cities in the United States. Cardi and T.I. recently spoke about what they’re looking for and what to expect.

According to E Online’s report, they will be two of four judges appearing on the first-ever competition show for the streaming platform. Joining them will be fellow hip-hop stars Chance the Rapper and Snoop Dogg, who is billed as a guest star on the show.

When asked about what he’ll look for in the competitors, T.I. said that “Authenticity” is the key. Cardi mentioned, she’s looking for “Just that spark” in the contestant, which is something that’s hard to describe, but they’ll know when they see it.

The new Netflix series will be different than other musical competitions such as The Voice or American Idol, according to its celebrity judges. T.I. joked, “We got a Cardi,” while Cardi B said, “We’re all fun though.” She added, “Everybody’s funny. Everybody’s real.”

The show will look for undiscovered talent in four major U.S. cities: Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City. Each of the hip-hop stars on the panel of judges also hails from one of those areas. Snoop Dogg is from the Long Beach, California area, while Chance the Rapper is from Chicago, Illinois. Cardi B is a native of the Bronx in New York and T.I. represents Atlanta, Georgia.

Two of the hip-hop judges have transitioned from music into acting. T.I. has appeared in the blockbuster Marvel Ant-Man films, while Cardi B recently made her film debut in the hit Hustlers starring Jennifer Lopez. Snoop Dogg has also appeared in various roles over the years including cameos in comedies.

Chance the Rapper has been doing voice work recently for The Lion King and Between Two Ferns: The Movie. He’ll also provide a voice in the upcoming Trolls World Tour. All four will certainly bring a unique perspective to finding those next talented artists in hip-hop and those individuals could very well become the next acting stars as well.

Viewers can watch the new series “Rhythm + Flow” when it premieres on Netflix streaming platform on October 23.